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When you became who you are today

October 5, 2011

Mattie’s house was better than mine for one simple reason; she had a pool.  As adopted summertime family kids, we had our own towels from the house that we’d pin up to dry between the two trees. We’d get beat at Marco polo by the three girls of the house who were on the swim team.  When we’d plug our noses and crouch down to see who could stay under the water longest, I’d win.

My house, in comparison, was much quieter.  I spent time at my desk looking through prom magazines, evaluating dresses, while on the phone with girlfriends with their own line.  My first boyfriend, in the third grade, told me that I should be a psychologist because I was so good at listening.

As a younger girl, I was serious about dress up. Every morning I’d wake up with a story in my head that I wanted to tell.  My mom dedicated a small room to props and costumes I’d use to make myself a part of the action.

There’s still a small kid in me that wants to be the star without too much competition.  In the world of personality tests, I think I’m an ENFP.  But there are skills involved in taking on extroversion that I’m not sure I’ve completely developed.

When I took the Myers Briggs the first time though, after I left my last start-up job, my result was different: INFP.  Now I wonder, was the “E” just suppressed and the “I” overemphasized in the years that I became a good kid?  Or am I just looking for more E because I want to learn to synchronize swim.