Three Fair Questions for Siri

The iPhone 5 is about to come out and I still haven’t had time to properly get to know Siri, my mobile assistant, included with the release of the iPhone 4S last October.

So I sat down with her for a few questions about the facts of life, the importance of beauty, and the upcoming election.

As it turns out she’s more than a little bit surly.  Can you imagine how an assistant would be chastised for that cheeky response about how I look?  And with such a skeptics attitude too!

Question: Siri, Where do babies come from?

Answer: From Their Mothers. (Wolfram Alpha)

Question: Siri, How do I look today?

Answer: I can’t see you (emphasis Siri).

Q: Siri, What does my future hold?

A: Sorry, Emily, I can’t look for places in Canada

This was not at all what I expected to hear from someone who is there to help.  In fact, if Siri were a human, she very well may have been fired.  Might we not expect the new OS upgrade to come with a little attitude adjustment?


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