Time Management for Dummies

Sit down one morning in a silent place with a notebook and a pen. Make sure your space is clear of all books, cell phones and computers.  Write down everything you want or need to do.

Travel to Spain.  Buy new tennis sneakers.  Take my daughter to the Zoo.  Write a list until you get to 100 items.  If you want to stop writing and start counting you know you have more writing to do.

Make each one doable.  For instance, “Stop drinking coffee” goes into the calendar as: “Pick up a box of green tea.”  Circle the most important ones and put them on your calendar for the coming week.

It might take a month to knock off the first three on your list so be patient.  Hell, it’s taken me six months to get to selling an old projector. Because it’s hard to trade in the person you once knew and loved for the imperfect person you are today.

When you finally get a few things out of the way, give your self a moment to do song or dance or however it is you show happy.  Did you celebrate? Now begin again.


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