Five Things To Do From 8am-9am That Aren’t The Internet

When I stopped checking my email / txt message + blog reports first thing in the morning I found I was more likely to do these five things:

Write at least 750words.

Before I get totally neurotic and explain how to save separate simple text documents titled by date,  I’ll say I don’t think it matters much how you do your 750 words.  By hand. On the computer. Voice recorded with Photo Booth.  It’s just a place to tell yourself the truth.

Drink one cup of tea 

I drink mine with no honey and little ceremony.  One tea bag in some boiling water and we’re off.  To get excited to make your own morning beverage, try buying a special mug you’ll look forward to using when you wake up, either for its color, shape or photo of a toothless nephew.

Read  one story or an article. 

This morning I read one essay from Cowboys Are My Weakness, by Pam Houston, one of three writers that are new and dear to me.  She commented on the inside cover of The Dog Stars, by Peter Heller so I had to fast take and photo of the book with my iphone just to keep myself from making an impulse buy. There’s also a sci-fi issue of the New Yorker (with a story written in 140 word installments by Jennifer Egan) to look through + some John Cheever short stories that make me both sad and happy at the same time.  Soon I may give letters from Saul Bellow a try.

It’s probably best to replace morning reading with meditation.  I don’t know much about doing meditation every day but I know that people I like and respect swear that things they wanted to change in their life did once they committed to meditation.  So stay turned for more on sitting still instead of reading in the morning hour.

Brush teeth, floss, wash face and maybe shower. 

So simple right?  But how many times do you just press that title envelope icon on the bottom of your phone before you even get out of bed?  Imagine talking to those same people in person with that same breath! Vanity = behavior change.

Take a batch of notecards and write down a few important things, one per card.

Sometimes I have so many left over cards from the previous day I don’t need to write new cards every morning.  If this happens to you, then make your cards or task lists more specific.  So sell old computer on crags list becomes: take a photo of old computer. Something that’s possible to tackle in one day rather than a bunch of days.

Add these all up and you get at least one hour before you even have to do anything online. Sometimes I am crazy edgy to get to the keyboard and sometimes it’s not till after lunch that I feel the need to check in with my pixel perfects friend.  What would you do if you were stay offline for one hour in the morning a try?  If you are a mom, please ignore.

Next time on Five Paragraphs: Rediscovering the library.


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