What Big Sur Writers Do and Do Not Care About

They do not care about your publishers, your advance, the number of books you sold or the name of your agent.  They do not care about where you did your writing, what room, on which computer and how many times you printed your manuscript out on paper.  They also do not care about whether or not you have changed your name, or the reason the name of your book is printed in lower case on the cover.

The mostly care about whether you can see the whales in the ocean, their spouts, their tales, their bodies turning over in the waves.  Will you take them swimming into the pacific without tops, without bottoms in water cold enough to make your brain freeze. And can you see the way the poppies head straight down into the ocean?

They care to measure the softness of the space around your heart.  Can they reach in there directly, through the skin and chest bones without having to chip away?  Or do you make them take a more indirect route, through the armpit and up through the color bone before descending down to the heart.

If you offer the ugly beating thing to them, messy, running over in your open hands, they will cup them back together.  They will move your hands back to your chest.  They will stitch the open wound together with their stories.

You will miss the chance to spend your last night with them.  You will be in bed in your room missing them before they are gone.  You will regret this even in the moment.


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