JoJo gets a new job

Jojo had just begun to get herself back on her feet again.  PIcked up a job from the classified, if you can believe that.  From the back of the weekend Oyster Bay Herald.  Circled that shit with a red colored pencil and then tore it out and slammed in on the fridge with a banana shaped magnet.  Come organize my old stuff, $20 / hr.

What a scam, Gerald had said, when he reached in the fridge for a snack. Like you see on those flyers taped over telephone posts nearby the stop signs.  YOU can have a chance to make $400 / week working from home!  Or, what of about those pyramid schemes where they want you to sell a bunch of plastic boxes to your neighbors. Who’s they, JoJo had asked? Whatever, Gerald said. It’s not like this person is going to be able to pay you for forty hours a week.

But the hourly rate was higher than when JoJo worked for The Creep.  So that morning, she pushed her pointer finger over the square plastic buttons in the order of the numbers on the ad. And the voice at the other end of the line drew her in close like a whisper from the start. Hello, said the voice. JoJo imagined the woman answering with feet in feathered slippers up on a lounge chair in the middle of a spacious and well decorated room.Hi. Um,  I’m calling to investigate, i mean I’m curious about an ad that I saw in the back of the Herald this weekend.

Curious, are you?  Well I was curious too, once. Now-a-days that curiosity’s all curled up and dormant like a bat asleep in the crevices of the cave over top the clear cool waters of a tropical lagoon.You mean a cenote, Jojo says, pleased with herself that she had visited such a cave many years back on a trip to the Yucatan and remembered the term. Well dear I don’t know what it’s called.  The memory goes too at a certain point.  You’ll see.

Why don’t you stop by tomorrow.  It’s been over two years since my husband died and I just can’t face sorting through his things.  Don’t know if it’s that because I don’t want to find out what I never found out if you know what I mean. JoJo did in fact know what she meant, crunching the trophy of her last evening out in her pocket of her housecoat, a note to reminder her of the moments that had come between the last drink of the evening and her long walk home.



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