Today’s News

Gerard spends Sunday evenings in the tub.   The length of time he spends in the bath is equal to the length of time that has passed since he last enjoyed his work: a long time. Tonight, just when he’s lowered himself down into the hot water, complete with bubbles and a glass of port by his side, the phone rings.

Darn it, he thinks, lunging himself back out of the tub with a sigh, the water shallowing out beneath him.  By the second ring he wraps a fluffy white towel around his waist and tucks a corner into the top.  In three ring he’s bounding toward the phone, leaving wet spots in the shape of feet trailing behind him.

The interruption bothered him less than the listening of his voice on the machine echo through the house when he was in fact at home.  You’ve reached the Darkly’s, please leave a message beep.  Gerard, Gerard dear are you home, was usually the sound of the voice that followed.

Yahello, he says before the sixth ring.

Mr Gerard Darkly, says a low but robotic sounding voice at the other end of the line.

Speaking, says Gerard.

I’m calling from the St. Methodist Manner hospital. We received a patient to our ER unit tonight at 8:32pm – Jake Darkly.  Is this your son?

What happens now is a jumble of things: Notes on the location, instructions on which door to enter through, the name of a doctor. Repeating the details back to the voice on the phone and then hanging up with a beep with receiver nestled back into the cradle.  In the next moment he feels an urgency to call out for his wife, for what seems like the first time in years.



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  1. Nina Says:

    more please. 🙂

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