Life, Temporary?

Today’s project of fancy is: Tina Roth Eisenberg’s, a site that sells kid friendly temporary tattoos for design interested adults.  Click around and take your pick: four Popsicles, one half eaten? Small rainbow made to fit on your fingertip?  Or, my favorite, a “late” watch – designed as a band that wraps around the wrist – available in multiple colors.

From the looks of it, Tina started by making something that she’d like to buy.  Then she asked other people to design more of the same.  Last up she set up a nice and simple way for people to buy some for themselves.

The process may not have actually been that easy.  There may have been arguments between designers, e-commerce scams, profile troubles and even shipping and handling mishaps.  But from what I can tell from the site’s simplicity – there wasn’t much room left for failure.

Part of the magic could be Tina’s already active group of designy friends.  She’s not only the creator of – but also of Creative Mornings, known by designy people as a meeting worth waking up for. Her design studio, studiomates, is based in dumbo and houses a collective of create young people.

Is seems that she’s recently  left her client design work behind to develop more of her own products – including TeuxDeux – a friendly looking, free, web based to-do app – with an add on iphone app.  What’s more fun than making lists, I ask you? Trying it out is next up on mine.



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