I’m not scared, are you scared?

There’s no reason to make websites for “men” or for “women” anymore.  We used to think advertising was demographically driven, but data from social media has proven us wrong.  The best bet to get more women readers is to talk about gender.

The only purpose in making a women’s site is to make fun of what people think of as women sites.  We do that as a hook, and then we turn around and write whatever we want.  Be careful, we’re tricky like that.

Babies will work too, but not as well. Women take about 15 years of their life to have babies and another sixty to do everything else.  We can talk about how to get babies till the end of time but unless you have them or are thinking about having them, babies are boring.

Gender is what we do with our outsides selves to communicate messages about what our internal self wants and needs.  We want – love, acceptance, belonging – are eternal longings so we’ll keep changing in our pursuit.   All of us use gender, but Lady Gaga does it best.

Print whatever sports and entertainment pieces you want.  You can even talk about picking up girls.  But if you’re really interested in getting our attention, you’d give yourselves a healthy little self analysis in the process.


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