Fare thee well

It brings me a vast amount of pleasure to begin today’s post with a brief and unexpected announcement:  Two warm souls have send me words of encouragement through the graces of wordpress.  These joyous alerts arrived at 11pm last evening, when I checked, by happenstance, the status of my email inbox.

Pray tell, you say – but your email inbox?  Is that not a breach of your promise to us.  It’s true my honored friends, I did promise to you in better times to spend evenings with family and friends and it’s this promise that I have broken.

But please, I beg of you, applaud me for the little restraint I managed to muster.  It wasn’t until this morning that I looked to see who it was that had contacted me from the abyss.  And though the anticipation kept me awake through the late hours of the night – I was happy to find that one, a story telling nomad, and the other a clever little kitty, are both invested in intrepid adventures through the world of their imaginations with determination.

And from another side of W, I ask you also to consider Ms.Rabbit Blog – a wild and feisty animal grown old but not soft.  With the wisdom of a well traveled gypsy, she sends calm to the hearts of all twenty somethings, fearful of their own traitorous path. Carry on young ones, she cries, with your hearts empty and wounded, until you find a way to love – our only redemption.

Now, my fine readers, both new and old – I release you from the burden of betterment for two days.    Revel in your time away with the debauchery of devils.  May safe and benevolent winds carry you back.


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