Every Day Reads

Each morning I open a few browser tabs with sites that I’ll refer to throughout the day.  Just having the tabs open serves as a reminder of my ever changing relationships with work, money and opportunity.  Without each of these sites I’d think differently about myself than I do today and for that I am very grateful.

Penelope Trunk’s blog contains a wealth of information about career management, life struggles, happiness research and most recently – homeschooling.  Some day I’ll devote all five paragraphs to Penelope because every post is a gem that has dislodged a new paralysis inducing mind-block.  Rationally minded fuel for a barrage of comments that are as enlightening as the original posts.

Learn about how to come back after bottoming out from a man who cooks crock pot dinners, reuses ziplock bags  and makes friendships that are mutually beneficial.  Longevity and behavior change are themes at The Simple Dollar – a blog about how to have fun being frugal.   Readers write in with detailed life scenarios to get advice on personal finance.

Entrepreneurship has a lot of different facets and most of are covered somewhere in a question or an answer on Quora.  The contributors know a lot about tech start-ups but also are helpful when planning trips, researching job descriptions or discussing the NYtimes paywall.  Treat the format like a micro-blog with writing prompts or comment on other users’ answers to make connections.

All three inspire me to explore myself frequently and with dedication. Even when I don’t agree with a particular idea I admire the evidence of self-interrogation.  Brave work and worthwhile no matter what the cost.


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