Three Ways to Creativate

I have a week off coming up and I feel like I need a plan.  Maybe that says something about me – that I need a plan for my vacation.  But I do.

Instead of a to do list I’ve written some guidelines to follow:

1) Get Focused

Keep space clean and simple
Dishes won’t pile up if you only have a few to wash in the first place.  If you need to take some time to get rid of things you don’t need, that’s work that will save you time in distractions later on.  Come up with a simple cleaning schedule or hire someone else to do a once a month deep clean for when things get busy..

Keep calm
This guy walked around the country for a while just to turn down the volume on the chatter inside his head directing him in every which way.  It’s impossible to evaluate people or ideas well while in a state of anxiety.  Concentration is a transferable skill worth cultivating.

Relieve stress
If having enough money is the thing that creates the most stress for you, then simply spend as little as possible for as long as you can.  If you find yourself needing massage services, that’s ok – just remember to factor those costs into your long term budget as a part of any stressful job you take on.  In each moment, imagine there’s a place around your heart that wants to feel happy and make it so.

2) Get Organized

Write down ideas
This American Life’s Starlee Kine got to interview Phil Colins about broken hearts by heeding this advice.  Find one place write down your creative ideas, another for to dos and another for thoughts about other people.  Careful of allowing too many notes to build up before condensing and consolidating (see below).

Condense and Consolidate
Here’s where the real work gets done and so, by nature, this step is the one that we most want to procrastinate.  Remember that completing this step almost always will get you directly to the final one – when you’re ready to share your idea with someone else. Think of the feedback you’ll get and how much you’ll learn to help you get through second step of your process.

Rewrite and Release
Here’s where we have a good time putting finishing touches on what we want other people to understand about us.  Any amount of cramping up during the last part of the process can possibly kill the whole project.  Keep in mind one very nice person who could enjoy whatever you’re working on and hold yourself up to their standards.

3) Get In Touch

Remember who matters
Figure out who shares your values and tell them everything you can.  Family counts because you share history and the past is the key to understanding the present. Anyone new needs investment so think about who belongs in your future and attend to those people carefully.

Be inventive
There are all sorts of ways of nerdy ways of reaching someone so try some that don’t include just you and the screen.  Write a letters, make buttons and give them out or plan dates and keep to your commitments.  Follow the fun.

Be present
No more just being there; it’s being there with intention that makes relationships work.  If it’s  feeling hard to to be fully available for the person you’re spending time with, remember who matters and be inventive (see above).  If that won’t work, go back to getting focused and getting organize and before trying to get in touch again.

How about you guys: how do you make the most of your time off?  Make a comment or send me a note.  And if you catch me ignoring any of these tips please hold me accountable!


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